OSS takes part in side event on access to climate finance for adaptation

During his participation as a panelist in the Adaptation Fund side-event which took place at the Francophonie pavilion, Mr. Nabil Ben Khatra, Executive Secretary of the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS), highlighted the accreditation challenges and opportunities to the Adaptation Fund (AF). 

The OSS, with its bottom-up approach based on capacity building and flexibility, stressed the importance of better taking into account the realities of the region in order to better adapt to climate change and its effects. Thanks to its feedback, the OSS made a contribution to the development of the AF medium-term strategy and its proposals reaped from field realities. 

Moreover, Mr. Ben Khatra focused on trans-boundary projects which, in addition to the economies of scale they provide, make it possible to address trans-boundary issues. The Executive Secretary ended his intervention by highlighting the importance of providing more means and more resources to the region in order to help it achieve its adaptation objectives. The AF is one of the main financial operators supporting Africa, he said.