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Réunion du Conseil d'Administration l Executive Board Meeting

La dix-neuvième session du Conseil d'Administration de l'OSS se tiendra le 4 mai 2015 au Caire (Egypte) Lire plus

The nineteenth session of the OSS Executive Board will take place in Cairo, Egypt, on May 4th 2015. Read more

Forum international Desertif'actions 2015

L'OSS au Forum Mondial de l'Eau (12-17 avril 2015, République de Corée)

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OSS provides a North-South-South partnership framework to mobilize and strengthen the capacity of African member countries to meet the environmental challenges pertaining to sustainable development …

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Strategy 2020 aims to bolster knowledge of natural resources and to development monitoring tools enabling a greater integration of knowledge into decision-making processes …

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Our work is organized around two flagship programs "Land" and "Water" aiming to strengthen the knowledge base on natural resources and to underpin sustainable development efforts…

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OSS is working to build an information platform tailored to the needs of natural resource management stakeholders in our zone of action. This platform will facilitate access to available knowledge …

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