Monitoring-Evaluation guide for the SAWAP portfolio performances

Author: OSS

Published in: 2017


Theme: Environmental monitoring and biodiversity

Type: Studies and reports

ISBN: 978-9973-856-97-5


Benin, Burkina, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, Chad, Togo

Monitoring-Evaluation guide for the SAWAP portfolio performances: building resilience through innovation, communication and knowledge services

The BRICKS project has been designed to facilitate the fulfillment of these needs. In fact, the project provides a regional platform to promote exchanges with a view to conducting joint actions between the 12 Sahel and West African countries of the SAWAP program. The overall objective is to improve access to best practices and monitoring information in terms of sustainable land use and management of the SAWAP portfolio. 

The present guide was elaborated under the BRICKS project and opens perspectives for joint implementation of the Monitoring-Evalutaion system of the SAWAP portfolio.  It aims to consolidate and provide support to the different Monitoring-Evaluation systems of the national projects.