Developing specifications for monitoring systems at the regional level

Author: OSS

Published in: 2015


Theme: Environmental monitoring and biodiversity

Type: Studies and reports

ISBN: 978-9973-856-92-0


Developing specifications for monitoring systems at the regional level

The OSS has been working for about twenty years to set up a network of long-term ecological monitoring observatories (ROSELT /OSS) and national environmental monitoring systems (NEMSs), and to develop aligned methodologies and standard tools for the benefit of its member countries. However, despite the efforts made, environmental monitoring methods and tools are poorly disseminated and their ownership is still below the expectations.

This study aims to define the technical specifications of environmental monitoring for a better management of environmental information, highlights the state of the art of existing environmental monitoring procedures, methods and tools at the local, national, sub-regional and regional levels and aims for the creation of an effective partnership between all stakeholders by establishing a network of field observatories and an environmental monitoring information disseminating system.

Environmental monitoring methods and tools will be strongly adopted and used, the actions of the OSS and its member countries will also be supported by the development of communication strategies and the reinforcement of training sessions.