Restore NAW


En cours

Duration of the project

3 years (2023-2025)




Wetland Restoration

Food security

Total budget

250,000 €


Public institutions (Regional coordination)
Local communities, including youth, local farmers and fishermen (Demonstration sites in Morocco and Tunisia)
Local water and protected areas management government entities

Countries concerned
Morocco, Tunisia

Restoring North Africa's wetlands as a nature-based solution to improve water and food security - Restore NAW

The “Restore NAW” project aims to improve the management and conservation of critically endangered freshwater species. It is committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices, strengthening irrigation water efficiency and promoting learning about the conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity based on the project sites (Sebou basin in Morocco and the wetlands of Ghar El Melh in Tunisia).

The project Governance and stakeholder networking component implemented by the OSS, aims to foster closer collaboration and strengthen regional networking between the civil society, the government and the private sector actors in order to intensify NBSs in North Africa and improve the resilience of communities to climate change and its impacts.

Financial partners
  • World Wide Fund for Nature WWF-NA
Technical partners
  • Association de sauvegarde de la Medina de Ghar El Melh - Tunisie
  • Association les Amis des Oiseaux - AAO/Birdlife Tunisia
  • Solutions Nature - Maroc

Signing of the Convention with WWF-NA

Key Achievements

Regional Workshop on Exchange and Sharing of Experiences and Best Practices, Tunis, November 16-17, 2023

Study Visit for the Management and Preservation of Mediterranean Wetlands, Tour du Valat, January 23-24, 2024