The Burkina Faso component Technicians and teachers surrounding the W and Arly National Parks trained on climate change

Climate change, sustainable land management and disaster management thematic trainings were provided by the AdaptWAP project Burkina Faso component in Koupéla, to technicians and teachers surrounding the W and Arly National Parks.

These trainings, organized by the Burkina Faso national component executing body – OFINAP - of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy, Water and Sanitation, had the purpose of building the capacity of extension technicians on climate change adaptation, SLM and disaster management. The training beneficiaries will pass on their knowledge to farmers, breeders and beekeepers from the neighbouring towns.

Besides, the training sessions aim to make the teachers learn how to provide environmental education sessions on CC and disaster management, to schoolchildren.

It is worth noting that these train-the-trainer sessions are a key instrument for the AdaptWAP project to increase the awareness of the populations on the environment protection and the adaptation to the harmful effects of climate change.

The "Integration of Climate Change Adaptation Measures in the Consolidated Management of the Transboundary Wap Complex" project, is financed by the Adaptation Fund and implemented by the nPMU, through the Ministry of Living Environment and Sustainable Development (Benin) in collaboration with the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS).

Its main objective is to strengthen the resilience of ecosystems and improve the livelihoods of populations within the network of protected areas shared by Benin, Burkina and Niger - the W-Arly-Pendjari Complex (WAP) - to climate change through the establishment of a Multi-Risk Early Warning System (MR-EWS) and the implementation of adaptation measures for the complex.