En cours

Duration of the project

4 years (2024 - 2028)


Food security

Sustainable management of oasis ecosystems

Resilience &  Adaptation to drought risks of vulnerable communities

Women empowerment


Total budget

10 000 000 USD


Ministry of Environment, Fisheries & Sustainable Development

General Directorate of Forest, Wildlife & Fisheries Resources

Union of Women for the Fight against Desertification in the Sahel

Countries concerned

Reversing the degradation trend in the oases of Borkou, Ennedi West and Wadi Fira through strengthening adaptation measures and improving resilience to climate change of vulnerable communities - Chad

Most of Chad's oases are located in the northern region, where a variety of socio-economic activities linked to agriculture, livestock breeding, pastoralism and market gardening are practiced. Unfortunately, these oases are severely affected by drought, which causes water shortages, declining soil fertility and food 
insecurity. Women are the most affected category among the communities living in these areas.

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable communities in Borkou, Ennedi West and Wadi Fira by building adaptive capacity to recurrent drought risks and promoting the sustainable management of oases and associated ecosystems.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Developing and strengthening the monitoring, legal and institutional framework to support the sustainable management of oasis ecosystems and the adaptation of vulnerable communities. 
  • Implementing concrete adaptation actions to improve the resilience of the most vulnerable communities in the project area.
  • Strengthening the institutional and technical capacities, knowledge sharing and awareness raising of all stakeholders.
Financial partners
  • Adaptation Fund - AF
Technical partners

Key Achievements