AdaptWAP project: The Burkina Faso component holds a national dialogue with the stakeholders,  Koupéla, September 8-9, 2022

The Burkina Faso national component executing body – OFINAP - of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy, Water and Sanitation, organized a two-day national workshop of the AdaptWAP project in Koupéla, in the Centre-Est region of Burkina Faso on September 8 - 9, 2022.

The workshop aimed at bringing together the project execution key players and stakeholders, to discuss the project activities.

The main stakeholders of the project - farmers, fishermen and breeders - surrounding the W park, took advantage of the session to raise their concerns and expectations and to make recommendations relating to three main topics, namely : transhumance corridors, grazing areas and the development of water points.

The event made it possible to come up with a validated list of priority developments for the project area of intervention.

AdaptWAP, a four-year Adaptation Fund-financed project, aims to strengthen the resilience of ecosystems and improve the living conditions of the WAP complex populations to face climate change through the establishment of a multi-risk Early Warning System relating to droughts, floods and fires, and the implementation of practical adaptation measures to manage such emergencies.