Tribute to Mother Earth

Tribute to Mother Earth Day

M. Mourad BRIKI

M. Mourad BRIKI
1st Advisor and Director of the Watch and Prospective Department,
Sahara and Sahel Observatory - OSS

The world celebrates International Mother Earth Day on April 22 of every year, a day that reminds us of all the blessings our planet so generously provides. It is an opportunity for us all to realize the importance of the Earth as a house of happiness and to truly feel the need to preserve it for present and future generations.

Mother Earth has always made it possible to Man to gather food, hunt and grow crops, thus providing the resources necessary for us to live and survive. Fertile soils, abundant water resources and a propitious climate have enabled the development of agriculture for tens of billions of people through time and space, but an agriculture that can no longer keep up with the madly increasing populations.

Indeed, this perfect harmony is increasingly challenged and tested by the pressures of climate change, environmental degradation, deforestation, pollution as well as uncontrolled consumption and the insatiable appetite for profits, that very often times jeopardize the well-being of future generations.

For these major challenges to be surmounted, nature-based solutions need to be adopted. It is therefore more than crucial to promote sustainable agricultural practices that help preserve soil fertility and biodiversity while reducing our ecological footprint. This includes permaculture and agroecology, which promotes crop rotation, the reduction of chemical inputs through diversified and environmentally friendly agricultural practices, as well as effective irrigation systems for efficient water use.

Let’s also not forget alternative food production methods such as aquaponics and vertical farming, which, not only reduce pressure on arable land, but help strengthen the resilience of our food systems by optimizing the use of available resources, such as water, nutrients, energy, as well as space.
Individual food choices and the effort to put a halt to waste also have a positive impact on the condition of our planet. Adopting a healthy and balanced diet, based on local and seasonal food products reduces our ecological footprint and supports local producers.

In a world where the population keeps growing, food security has become one of the most pressing challenges ahead of us. Mother Earth is thus compelled to meeting current food needs and coping with the climate change challenges, the loss of agricultural land and the depletion of natural resources, water in particular.

On this Mother Earth Day, let us make all efforts to protect our planet and preserve its capacity to give us life. By joining forces, we can create a future where Mother Earth continues to thrive and provide abundance and vitality to all forms of life.