Sahara and Sahel Observatory is a member of the Community of Practice for Direct Access Entities - CPDAE

The Sahara and Sahel Observatory has recently joined the Community of Practice for Direct Access Entities (CPDAE). Today, it has become a member that is fully capable of contributing to the evolution of this community. In this context, Mr. Ghazi GADER, representative of the OSS, is taking part in the annual meeting which is being held from February 20 to 23, 2024 in Yerevan, Armenia.

This annual meeting brings together more than 30 participants and aims to strengthen and develop the entities and processes of the CPDAE. It has three main objectives to highlight:

  • Reaching a consensus on the need to keep developing the CPDAE entities and processes and highlighting the importance of an aligned collaboration between all entities;
  • Defining the next steps for future priorities and actions, ensuring the training of "working groups" that work on specific initiatives, promoting online collaboration for global participation, co-facilitating the creation of linguistic groups for regular and smooth communication, and strengthening the institutionalization of funding to ensure the sustainability of the CPDAE activities; 
  • Electing a new CPDAE committee responsible for leading future initiatives, and beginning the integration and handover process to ensure a clear and efficient transition.

The OSS participation in this meeting comes to prove its commitment to consolidated collaboration and innovation within the CPDAE. It takes its contribution to discussions and strategic decisions to share its experience and expertise in climate finance, and proves that it is able to play an essential role in achieving the common objectives of the community and in creating a positive impact for all its members. Besides, such an endeavor is an opportunity for the Organization to benefit from the resources and knowledge of the community to build its own development.