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World Water Forum

Processus régional Africain du 7ème Forum Mondial de l’Eau


In 2015, the World Water Forum, the largest water-related event in the world will take place in Daegu & Gyeongbuk of Korea. The World Water Forum is a large-scale international conference that is held every three years since 1997 in cooperation with the public, private sectors, academia, and industries. It was first launched in an effort to facilitate international discussions on global water challenges.

Stakeholders from about 170 nations gather in Daegu & Gyeongbuk to discuss water challenges. In particular, the Science & Technology Process is newly included in the 7th Forum in order to make sure the implementation of solutions drawn from the previous editions of the Forum.

In 1997, the year following its foundation, WWC created the World Water Forum so that interest groups from all over the world may gather together and jointly discuss water issues.

The World Water Forum is the world's largest meeting on water. Every three years since 1997, WWC has held each World Water Forum on or around World Water Day (March 22nd). The World Water Forum consists of at least three processes: the Political Process, the Thematic Process and the Regional Process, while gathering officials, legislators and local and regional authorities from more than 150 nations. Each topic is developed in cooperation with the private sector, governments, industry, IGOs, NGOs and academic groups into a common framework of goals and concrete targets to reach.

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