What prospects for the sustainable development of oases in North Africa and Mauritania? May 17-18, 2019, Tozeur, Tunisia


As a regional entity accredited by the Adaptation Fund and the Green Climate Fund, the OSS was commissioned by the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment of Tunisia to draw up the concept note of the "Regional project for promoting and improving the resilience of oasis ecosystems to climate change".

In this context, an OSS delegation took part in the works of the Regional Congress on the promotion of Oasis Ecosystems in North Africa and Mauritania held in Tozeur on May, 17 and 18, 2019, in order to present the main lines of the project which is being designed, and its funding mechanisms. The project document was prepared by OSS in the light of the preparatory workshop held on April, 10-11, 2019 in Tunis, and will be submitted to funding from the Green Climate Fund – GCF - and the Adaptation Fund as part of two complementary projects. A group of Experts representing the six affected countries, as well as a Roadmap have been set up to support the OSS with a view to finalizing the project document, in the form of two pre-concept notes and their short-term submission for funding.

The workshop, organized by the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment in cooperation with the World Bank, took end with the Tunis declaration on joint work for sustainable development, which represents a commitment of the participating countries to preserve the oasis systems.