Webinar and virtual study visit on Managing Water Resources Scarcity, December 17th 2020


The Sahara and Sahel Observatory, GIZ and the EMWIS Technical Unit organized an introductory webinar on December 17, 2020, via the Zoom videoconference platform, a virtual study visit on managing water resources scarcity in the three relevant countries of the project: Algeria-Morocco-Tunisia.

Mr. Khatim Kherraz, Executive Secretary of the Sahara and Sahel Observatory, Mr. Manfred Matz, Head of Mission of the CREM-GIZ project - Tunis and Mr. Eric Mino, Coordinator and Manager of EMWIS gave the opening speeches of the workshop.

This virtual study visit is organized within the framework of the CREM project "Regional cooperation for a sustainable water resources management in the Maghreb". The purpose was to enable participants from the three partner countries of the CREM project to discuss the practices and experiences of a developed neighbouring country in managing water resources scarcity, from a knowledge as well as practices and research standpoint. Besides, the study visit aimed to make participants aware of the disadvantages of certain practices tried and evaluated in the corresponding country.

Good practice examples will be introduced to participants during the different sessions, in terms of planning and solutions at different territorial scales.

During this exercise, participants will have the opportunity to exchange views and establish contacts with stakeholders in the management of water resources, particularly water scarcity management: institutions, organizations, service providers, etc.