Use of GMES and Africa services: the OSS organizes a training on “water” and “agriculture” services, December 15-16, 2020


A second training session on the “water” and “agriculture” services is scheduled on December 15-16, 2020, on the OSS virtual platform.

The first day of this training, which took place on December 15, focused on the "Seasonal agriculture monitoring" service. On this occasion, the first prototype of the "MISBAR" platform dedicated to water and agriculture was introduced. It made it possible to make live demonstrations in interaction with the main end users. Different examples addressing much diversified issues were thus explained, such as irrigated agriculture monitoring in Mauritania, or forest fires monitoring in Algeria.

The second part, scheduled on December 16, will be dedicated to the "Agricultural water use monitoring" service, which is also available on the "MISBAR" platform.

Thus, at the end of this session, participants and end users would have learnt about the "MISLAND" and "MISBAR" platforms of GMES services and, as soon as the two prototypes are validated, would have good command of their Use and take advantage of the 3 services developed within the framework of the GMES and Africa - North Africa Consortium project, in synergy with the Africultures project.

Other sessions will add to this training, the dates will be defined later.