Interactive digital tools accessible on the internet
As part of the projects implemented in its area of intervention, the OSS develops interactive digital tools accessible on the internet that allow the sharing of information and data consolidated by the OSS to facilitate the decision-making of the concerned stakeholders in their natural resources management. These tools are divided into two categories:

Cartographic Instruments: Geoportals
Developed according to international norms and standards, geoportals are interactive platforms that allow users to query geographic databases gathering different categories such as: thematic maps, spatial data, satellite imagery, as well as georeferenced reports and documents.
Geoportal on SLM in Mali (ILWAC project)
Geoportal on Environmental monitoring - Sahel and West Africa (REPSAHEL project)
Geoportal on Environmental monitoring - Middle East and North Africa (MENA-DELP project)
Geoportal on SLWM - Sahel and West Africa (BRICKS project)
Geoportal on Water resources - North Western Aquifer System - North Africa (GEOAQUIFER
Geoportal on IWRM - Iullemeden Taoudeni Tanezrouf Aquifer System (GICRESAIT project) 

Instruments for monitoring environmental parameters
These platforms make it possible to consult series of indicators and historical data through the visualization of graphs describing their evolution over time. These platforms include time profiles and monitoring and evaluation tools based on project indicators.
Monitoring of indicators on M&E - Middle Est and North Africa (MENA-DELP project)
Profil temporel on Middle East and North Africa (MENA DELP project)
Monitoring of indicators of performance SLWM - Sahel and West Africa - Great Green Wall (BRICKS project)

Instrument of exchange of good practices (to combat desertification)
This portal allows exchange of sustainable land management good practices in the Sahelo-Saharan zone, bringing together good practices published by the various institutions working on land degradation issues.
Portal Good Practices to Combat Desertification