Climate Finance


Approval Date
March 16, 2018

Project Duration
18 months 

Financial & Technical Partners

  • Financial: Green Climate Fund (GCF)
  • Technical: Environment General Authority of Libya and the Sahara and Sahel Observatory as "Delivery Partner"

Country of Operations

Main Beneficiaries
Ministries, technical services and national institutions involved in the mobilization of climate resources, private sector, civil society, NGO’s.

The project aims to establish a Focal point and a National Designated Authority (NDA) and strengthen their institutional capacities to effectively fulfill their role and responsibilities towards the GCF. It will facilitate the development, through a participatory process, of a national program to address the adverse impacts of climate change, which will take into account national priorities for adaptation and mitigation, as well as requirements. 

Project Status
Ongoing (end August 2019). It will be extended until December 31, 2019.

Expected Outcomes
The country's capacities are strengthened to fulfill its commitments vis-à-vis the GCF :

  • Relevant stakeholders are involved in the process of mobilizing climate finance resources, particularly the GCF,
  • Private sectors are sensitized and mobilized to ensure their involvement in climate-related smart investments and improve their access to GCF resources.
  • Access to GCF's climate finance resources is improved with the identification and mobilization of accredited entities operating at the national level.


During the running period, a Libyan NDA, composed of representatives of the public sector, private sector, NGOs, etc., has been set up. With the support of the project, the capacities of this NDA have been strengthened, which has made possible to achieve several objectives and results as stipulated below:

  • Establishment of the members of the NDA:  8 members were appointed by different national institutions, private sector and NGOs
  • A Non-Objection mechanism to support the DNA or GCF National Focal Point in validating project requests to be submitted to the Fund with regard to national climate policies, strategies and plans
  • A communication strategy with its action plan
  • Development of a platform for the exchange and information sharing on the NDA and GCF activities regarding the mobilization of the climate resources and the financing of projects. The organization of training on the platform of exchange of information and data
  • An awareness workshop on climate finance and access to the GCF Fund for the National Focal Point (NFP), potential members of the National Designed Authority (NDA), and some stakeholders involved in the field of climate change
  • A gender study

First Call for Projects proposals - GCF Climate

As a Green Climate Fund (GCF) regional accredited entity, OSS has launched its first call for climate action projects from September 7th to December 31st 2018 allowing applicants from African countries to access to GCF resources. Learn more about the first call for projects.

This call is currently closed and submitted project proposals are under evaluation.

Overview of received proposals 

OSS received 36 concept notes from 20 countries covering the different African regions as follows:

  • West Africa: 36% (Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, and Togo)
  • Central Africa: 28% (Cameroun, Democratic Republic of Congo and Chad)
  • North Africa: 22% (Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Egypt, and Tunisia)
  • Southern Africa: 8% (Angola and Zimbabwe)
  • East Africa: 6% (Djibouti, Malawi, and Uganda)

Three from these proposals are regional projects: two in West Africa and one in East Africa.

Most of the received projects are cross-cutting proposals (86%) whose sectors are mostly related to Agriculture (61%), Energy (19%) and Environment (11%).

Proposals evaluation process
Proposals evaluation process got underway and applicants will be advised in writing of the evaluation committee decisions no later than 30 April 2019

In order to facilitate the understanding of the evaluation process and the next steps to be undertaken, OSS drawn up a step by step guide available here.

Call for Climate projects proposals - GCF

As part of its accreditation as a regional implementation entity (RIE) by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in October 2017, OSS is one of the first African institutions to provide its members and partners with support needed to mobilize grant funding from the Green Climate Fund.

To this end, the OSS is responsible for regularly launching calls for projects to collect draft requests from countries and partners to ensure their transition to climate resilient and low-carbon emission development.

Projects to be financed

Proposals may include adaptation and / or mitigation impacts and must always fit within the following six mitigation and adaptation results areas identified by the GCF:


  1. Livelihoods of people and communities: mitigation of operational risks associated with climate change - diversification of supply sources and supply chain management, relocation of manufacturing facilities and warehouses, etc. 
  2. Health, and well-being, and food and water security: climate-resilient crops, efficient irrigation systems, etc.
  3. Infrastructure and built environment: sea walls, resilient road networks, etc.
  4. Ecosystems and ecosystem services: ecosystem conservation and management, ecotourism, etc.


  1. Energy access and power generation: on-grid, micro-grid or off-grid solar, wind, geothermal, etc.
  2. Forestry and land use: forest conservation and management, agroforestry, agricultural irrigation, water treatment and management, etc.

Eligible beneficiaries 

This call for proposals is open to all eligible beneficiaries of GCF, including governments, nongovernmental organizations, research institutes and regional institutions.

Eligibility criteria

  • Endorsement by the focal point or Designated National Authority : 
  • Project risk level: category B and C (medium or low risk)
  • Total amount less than or equal to 10 Million USD
  • Party to the Kyoto Protocol
  • Addressed themes inscribed among the 6 targeted results areas mentioned above

Important: To be eligible, proposals must meet national priorities in terms of climate change and align with GCF country programs, defined national contributions (NDC) and National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).

For further details on the projects’ submission process, please see our information guide.

As per the Counselling and Advice Procedure of OSS, applicants can submit  support requests through this e-mail address: