Sustainable Management of Water Resources in the Rift Valley: OSS presents FLOWERED project at the Colloquium on Water & Environment Sciences Techniques, Hammamet, 22 October 2018


On the occasion of its participation in the STEE'2018 international symposium, the OSS presented the results of the research project on Innovative de-fluoridation technologies for sustainable management of water resources in the Rif Valley, FLOWERED.

Among the highlights of the OSS presentation is the recently developed water defluoridation prototype by the Italian and Tanzanian teams, whose main features are low cost, easy operation and high disposal capacity of defluoridation.

The FLOWERED project is expected to help reduce fluoride contamination of the Rift Valley's water and land resources in East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania), which represent one of the major challenges to health, the environment and the environment. and food security in this area. The project will achieve an integrated, sustainable and participatory water and agriculture management system that will improve the standard of living and human health of the local population, also ensuring equal natural resources among the different users in the regions. three areas studied

It also aims to study, test and implement innovative de-fluoridation technologies for drinking water and irrigation that will operate primarily at the village level and develop integrated, sustainable and participatory water management. and cross-border agriculture.

It is implemented by a consortium of 14 partners, including OSS as the leader of the Communication and dissemination activity, in support of the other project activities, such as research & capacity building.

FLOWERED is funded by the EU Research and Innovation Program H2020 for a period of 3 years (2016-2019).