Sustainable development of oases in North Africa and Mauritania: What regional strategies and what concrete actions?, Tunis, 10-11 April 2019


In partnership with the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment and the World Bank, a regional workshop was held in Tunis on April 10th-11th, 2019, to prepare for the Regional Congress on "Sustainable Development of Oases against climate change in North Africa and Mauritania". This congress, scheduled for May 2019, should lead to the development of a project document that will be submitted to climate funds.

The regional workshop, which will be followed by two national workshops to be convened in Algeria and Morocco, aimed particularly at identifying, within the framework of a coordinated approach, the development challenges and the vulnerability factors of oasis ecosystems to climate change and defining a common regional vision for North Africa.

As an accredited entity to the Adaptation Fund and the Green Climate Fund, the OSS will develop the concept note of the "Regional Project on the Sustainable Development of the Oasis Landscapes in North Africa" and submit it to said Funds.