Remote sensing for decision support in food security in Africa, Tunis, 29-30 October 2019


As part of the AfriCultuRes project’s implementation, an exchange workshop was held this morning in Tunis for strengthening food security in African farming systems with the support of remote sensing.

This workshop will provide the results of four thematic studies, the needs of end-users in terms of new agricultural applications based on earth observation (Remote sensing), statistical estimates of agricultural production in Tunisia, comparative analyses of classical methods and remote sensing approaches, analysis of the risks and socio-economic aspects of agricultural systems in Tunisia and operational modeling of crop growth and estimation of agricultural yields.

It will also present and demonstrate the use of operational prototypes of tools and decision support services for agricultural activities, already developed and made operational within the framework of the AfriCultuReS project. Finally, the workshop will propose a brainstorming session on the needs and strategies in terms of capacity development and building of institutional experts and resource persons.