Remote Regional Consultation Workshop on the Climate Change Adaptation Project ‘ADSWAC’, January 12, 2021


As a Regional Implementing Entity for the Adaptation Fund, the OSS is organizing a second online Regional Consultation Workshop with the beneficiary countries.

The main objective of this remote workshop is to validate, through a participatory process, the project concept note which will soon be submitted to the funding of the Adaptation Fund. It also aims to collect the expectations and needs of all participants & explain relevant points, with a view to completing the project concept note. The workshop will also be an opportunity for the participants to know about the scope of the ADSWAC project, the related risks & the objectives to achieve during the implementation period

Mr. Nabil Ben Khatra, the new OSS Executive Secretary, opened the workshop & paid thanks to the participants for their presence despite the pandemic-related constraints & reminded that this final remote regional workshop should help validate the project concept note to be submitted to the Adaptation Fund before the end of January 2021.

The ADSWAC project (Resilience Building As Climate Change Adaptation In Drought-Struck South-Western African Communities) aims to enhance adaptation capacity & resilience of communities to climate change impacts and variability, especially drought, in the trans-boundary region between Angola & Namibia.

The Sahara & Sahel Observatory (OSS) will implement the project. The ADPP Angola (Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo) & the DAPP Namibia (Development Aid from People to People) will have it executed at the national level, for the benefit of Angola & Namibia.