This regional atlas of land cover maps is meant to serve as a planning and decision-making tool in support of the Great Green Wall Initiative. It is intended for decision makers, development partners and the public audience. It was designed on the basis of satellite data of 30 meters resolution and covering 12 countries concerned by the Sahel and West Africa program - SAWAp (Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, and Togo).

Through the cartography of land cover and the thematic synthesis describing the biophysical and socio-economic environment of the region, this product highlights the potentialities and assets of the Sahel and West African regions, while demonstrating their vulnerability and threats to the natural resources.

The reader could also fnd illustrations of the main ecosystems and their strategic role in socio-economic development and transboundary cooperation, to face global climate change.This publication is the result of close collaboration between oSS, CILSS, IUCN and the relevant technical departments within countries of the region, in the framework of the «Building Resilience through Innovation, Communication and Knowledge Services - BRICKS» project.

Land Management

Monitoring and evaluation is a crucial component of the MENA-DELP regional and national projects activities.

In this framework, a series of regional workshops aimed at projects managers and the MENADELP national beneficiary institutions were conducted to accompany countries in designing their monitoring and evaluation systems. A technical support to the projects national teams for the development of indicators calculation and dissemination tools was also provided by the Sahara and Sahel Observatory.

Different monitoring and evaluation related themes and notions were tackled : 

  • Monitoring-evaluation concepts : monitoring-evaluation models, indicators and data, result-based management, etc … 
  • Monitoring-evaluation tools : Geographic Information System, remote-sensing 
  • GEF tools : tracking tools and Risk Assessment
  • Mapping and Collect Earth Tool (FAO)
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This note summarizes the results obtained from available documentation and consultations with key experts and practitioners. It draws lessons from past experiences while considering current development needs. The Great Green Wall Initiative, has not been conceived as a wall made up of trees planted across the Sahara, but rather as a set of cross-sectoral actions and interventions aimed at the conservation and protection of natural resources with a view to achieving development and, particularly, alleviating poverty.

Great Green Wall Initiative
Great Green Wall Initiative
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