Production of ecosystem infrastructure accounts: The Copernicea project continues virtual training sessions, May 4-7, 2021


A second training session on the ecosystem infrastructure account is organized on the OSS virtual platform as part of the Copernicea project.

This training which follows the March 2021 session on the same topic, aims to allow experts from the Project Management Unit and national partners to learn about the production of the ecosystem infrastructure account and the calculation of its full potential.

Other workshops on ecosystem carbon and water accounts will complement the training plan scheduled by the project.

Copernicea, is a pilot project funded by the French Development Agency and aims to establish a national and regional network for sharing and exchanging information and data useful and necessary for Ecosystem Natural Capital Accounting – ENCA. The structures holding or producing information and data will have to pool them and make easier and better accessibility for a wide variety of users. These data will be aligned and available in formats for integration into ecosystem accounts. Its ambition is to contribute to significantly meet the challenges of sustainable development in line with the 2011-2020 strategic plan of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the 2030 sustainable development agenda, in particular through targets 15.9, 15.3 and 17.19 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).