Preparing Tunisia for GCF climate finance - Experience exchange workshop on the accreditation process, Tunis, September 23, 2020


As part of the "GCF Readiness Support - Tunisia (Phase II)" project, the OSS is organizing an information and experience exchange workshop with Tunisian entities undergoing accreditation and with already accredited African entities. By way of introduction, the OSS, being a GCF-accredited regional entity (since October 2017), introduced participants to the GCF accreditation and programming process. This workshop should lead, through different testimonies from accredited entities (OSS, CSE and Attijari Wafa Bank), and Tunisian entities undergoing accreditation (CDC, CPSCL, APIA and Amen Bank), to recommendations to complete the ongoing processes with the GCF.

This workshop will be followed by the 3rd meeting of the Tunisian National Designated Authority (NDA), with the Green Climate Fund.