Our Mission

Created in 1992, The Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS) is a Tunis-based international organization with an African vocation. It operates in the arid, semi-arid, sub-humid and dry areas of the Sahara-Sahel region. OSS members include 25 African countries, 7 non-African countries, 13 organizations (representing West, East, and North Africa, and UN organizations) and 3 non-governmental organizations. 

OSS mission is to support its African member countries in the sustainable management of their natural resources in an unfavourable context of climate change through: 

  • The implementation of international multilateral agreements on desertification, biodiversity and climate change
  • The promotion of international and regional initiatives in relation with the major environmental challenges faced by Africa 
  • The definition of concepts and harmonization of Land and Water Resources Management and Climate change Adaptation and Mitigation approaches and methodologies. 

OSS mission is based essentially on knowledge transfer, capacity building and awareness-raising. 

Its programs and projects are financed by voluntary contributions, grants and donations from its members and development partners.

A light and flexible structure, transparent financial management, effective governance and a competent, multicultural and multidisciplinary team constitute important assets that entitle OSS to make a significant contribution to the regional and international response to environmental challenges.