OSS and its partners in Zimbabwe (DAPP & NDA) discuss a new project on climate resilience to be financed by the GCF


OSS, as a GCF accredited entity, with the leadership of  Mr. Nabil Ben Khatra, Executive Secretary, hosted the Zimbabwe GCF National Designated Authority, Focal point Mr. Washington Zhakata, with his team from the Climate Change Management Department, Ms. Munashe Mukonoweshuro, Mr. Ndidzano, Development Aid from People to People - DAPP Zimbabwe- Mr. Tonderai  Chikono and Humana People to People - Mr. David Kerkhofs via  the ZOOM platform. 

Discussions by Mrs. Khaoula Jaoui, Mr. Steve Muhanji, Mr. Aziz Belhamra, and Mr. Samou Kone from the OSS Climate Department were conducted towards GCF technical support and SAP (Simplified Approval Process) concept note design process for the project titled ‘Promotion of Climate Resilient lifestyles among rural families of Masivingo Province, Southern Zimbabwe.’  

Mr. Zhakata pledged support for the process and endorsed the project in Zimbabwe as it seeks to improve the capacity of rural communities (52000 direct and indirect beneficiaries) to adapt to climate change through promotion of climate smart agricultural practices.

OSS acting in its capacity, as the RIE (Regional Implementing Entity) will act as the fund manager and provide project oversight including monitoring, evaluation and audit functions to the executing entity- DAPP.

Through the GCF technical support, the project document will be finalized and submitted for approval and implementation phase.