NWSAS Consultation Mechanism, handover between Libya and Tunisia, June 23, 2021


On the occasion of the 15th session of the Permanent Technical Committee of the NWSAS Consultation Mechanism, held on June 23rd in semi-face-to-face, Mr. Hussein Talloua, representative of Libya, passed the torch of the mechanism coordination to Tunisia, represented by Mr. Issa Hlaimi, recently appointed director of the water inventory count & research office at the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources & Fisheries.

This session, which was opened by Mr. Nabil Ben Khatra, Executive Secretary of the OSS & facilitated by Mr. Hussein Talloua, gave the opportunity to present a study for the remote sensing assessment of the water withdrawals in the NWSAS as well as a concept note on improving knowledge & strengthening the resilience of the populations of the Tunisian-Libyan Djeffara to contend with the adverse effects of climate change. The financial situation of the mechanism was also presented to the participants.