Meeting of the 22nd session of the OSS Strategic Orientation Committee, June 18, 2020


The Sahara and Sahel Observatory convened an online meeting of its Strategic Orientation Committee on June 18, 2020 to discuss a draft 2030 strategy for the OSS.

The strategy mainly aims at facilitating cooperation between countries and supporting them in the implementation of their sustainable development strategies, through a scientific and technical program, along with information, communication and capacity building actions. The add-ons proposed by the members of the Committee will make it possible to provide a full document that will be submitted to the next sessions of the Executive Board and General Assembly, due on early September 2020 in Tunis, if the COVID 19 related-situation allows it.

The Sahara and Sahel Observatory thanks all SOC members who took part in the discussions, for their commitment and their valuable contributions, despite today’s very specific circumstances.