Grievance Mechanism

The aim of the Sahara and Sahel Observatory’s grievance mechanism is to provide persons affected by adverse environmental, social and gender impacts and harms resulting from OSS projects or programs with an accessible, transparent, fair and effective process for the submission and processing of their complaints.

The mechanism provides a transparent system for collecting, reviewing and processing all formal complaints submitted to OSS.

To file a formal complaint please fill in the complaint form.

All formal complaints and their follow-up will be published on the OSS website to ensure transparency of process and outcome. OSS is under the obligation to acknowledge any request within five working days starting from the date of its reception.

Within thirty working days starting from the registration of the complaint form, OSS shall publish on its website an assessment of possible grievance resolution options. The assessment will also include actions, if any, that OSS intends to undertake or facilitate to encourage the pursuit of the resolution of the dispute under consideration, or to decide on the uselessness of the resolution of the dispute and close the case. Once the process of dispute resolution is completed, OSS shall submit its report, including the settlement (if applicable) and all recommendations for additional actions to all involved stakeholders and publish the report on its website.

Complaints regarding projects/programs supported by OSS can also be communicated by e-mail directly to OSS at the following address:

For further information on the OSS complaints and complaints process, please refer to the External Communication procedure.