GMES&Africa: Training workshop on the use of the MISBAR Agriculture and Water Withdrawal Monitoring Services in Tunisia, January 11-12, 2021


The OSS - North Africa Consortium is organizing a third set of tele-training sessions on the use of the two services : “Seasonal Agriculture Monitoring” and “Use of Agricultural Water in Irrigated Areas” for the benefit of its national partners and end users, in the five relevant countries: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania and Tunisia. 
The geographical specificities of the countries in the considered area - North Africa - and the need to take into account the climate features and agricultural systems of each country led the choice of the national workshops organization. 
During these national tele-training sessions, provided by the AfEOS office, end users will learn about the new functionalities that the MISBAR service platform provides and will be able to discuss the specifications of the geoservices, dashboards and newsletters under development. 
The training sessions that are given via the ZOOM platform in two languages French / English with a translation service provided by the OSS target primarily scientists and MISBAR national end users: technicians in charge of seasonal agriculture and agricultural water use management and monitoring, technical staff in charge of agricultural planning and water resources management. 
It is worth reminding that Tunisia inaugurated this 3rd set of training sessions, with a national workshop held on January 11-12, 2021, with the presence of agriculture and water resources managers: Regional Commissioners for agricultural development, Ministries… 
The workshop gave the opportunity to review case studies proposed by users, in their areas. These case studies will be developed by users with the support of the project team (the OSS, partners and service developers), and will be restituted as part of the regional workshop due on March 24, 2021. 
The national tele-training program will proceed as follows: 

  • Training 2: National training workshop on MISBAR in Algeria, January 18-19, 2021, 
  • Training 3: National training workshop on MISBAR in Libya, January 27-28, 2021, 
  • Training 4: National training workshop on MISBAR in Mauritania, February 1-2, 2021,
  • Training 5: National training workshop on MISBAR in Egypt, February 4-8, 2021