GMES&Africa: training on the use of the Agriculture and Water Withdrawals in North Africa Monitoring Service - MISBAR, February 9-10, 2021


Start-up of the tele-training second round on Seasonal Agriculture and Agricultural Water Use in Irrigated Areas via the MISBAR platform, organized by the OSS as part of the GMES&Africa - North Africa Consortium project training program.

Mr. Nabil Ben Khatra, OSS Executive Secretary opened this training, which will provide the opportunity to agriculture and water resources managers to get used to the MISBAR service platform, and analyse Earth Observation data for seasonal agriculture and agricultural water use monitoring.

Through theoretical sessions and practical demos, the training will make it possible to get started with the use of the "MISBAR" project-related service platform for monitoring seasonal agriculture and agricultural water use in irrigated areas.
It should help produce geo-services and make them available to agriculture and water resources monitoring technicians.

This second round of tele-workshops will take place as follows:

  • Training 1: Identification of irrigated areas on MISBAR from radar data (Sentinel-1), February 09, 2021
  • Training 2: Identification of cultivated areas on MISBAR from optical data (Sentinel-2), February 10, 2021
  • Training 3: Water balance monitoring on MISBAR (Evapotranspiration), March 03, 2021
  • Training 4: Agricultural production monitoring on MISBAR, March 23, 2021
  • Training 5: Training on MISBAR new features and restitution of case studies on MISBAR, March 24, 2021

For the record, the training first round took place in December 2020, and was attended online by end users from the six North African countries.