GMES&Africa: Teletraining on Agricultures & Water Geoservice Programing in North Africa - MISBAR, March 4, 2021



In collaboration with the African Union Commission (AUC) and GMES&AFRICA - North Africa Consortium, the OSS and the AfEOS agency organized a capacity building session for partners and end users of the relevant countries, on the use of agriculture and water-related services developed under the project and open on the MISBAR platform.
This certifying training session, which is part of the second set of MISBAR workshops, aimed to define the Geoservice concept and to initiate the MISBAR platform participants and future users (more particularly technicians and managers of agriculture and water resources), to the Geoservice configuration, based on the existing or specific indicators.
Two other training sessions will follow:
Training 5: Agricultural production monitoring on MISBAR
Training 6: New MISBAR functionalities and restitution of case studies on MISBAR.