GMES&Africa: Start of the 3rd training workshop for trainers organized by CRASTE-LF and the OSS, Feb.16-18, 2021


With the collaboration of the OSS-North Africa Consortium and the GMES&Africa partners, the UN-affiliated CRASTE-LF is organizing the third training session for trainers on Earth Observation for Land Degradation/Restoration Monitoring. 

The certifying tele-training will take place via the Zoom videoconference platform, and will be streamed on the following link:

A workshop kit, including a set of documents and working tools, will be given to participants before the start of the workshop. The educational material used during the workshop will be put online free of charge after the training.

This training, which follows the two previous Earth Observation sessions organized in 2020 (Seasonal Agricultural Monitoring - October 13-16, 2020 and Sustainable Land and Water Management November 24-26, 2020), will be provided by very high level experts from ZFL-UNIVERSITY OF BONN - IAV HASSAN II - ENFI Rabat and IRD Tunis.