GMES&Africa-North Africa: Regional Water balance monitoring training Workshop - MISBAR, March 3, 2021


In collaboration with GMES&AFRICA - North Africa Consortium, the OSS & the AfEOS agency organized a training session on Water Balance Monitoring (Evapotranspiration) on March 3, 2021.

The training session was opened by Dr. Bachir Saley on behalf of the African Union & aimed to introduce the functionalities of the MISBAR platform in agricultural water use & seasonal agriculture analysis & monitoring to technicians & managers of water resources.

This is an operational service accessible from the MISBAR platform, based on Earth Observation data & techniques aimed at supporting decision-making in the area of "Surveillance, Monitoring & Evaluation of Water Withdrawals in Irrigated Areas".

As part of the GMES&Africa - North Africa Consortium project implementation, this service is supplemented by two other operational services, accessible from another MISLAND platform:

  • Service 2 - Land Degradation Monitoring & Assessment.
  • Service 3 - Seasonal Agriculture Monitoring, Early Warning & Assessment.