Mauritania develops a University Centre for Mapping and Remote Sensing, led by the GMES&Africa Focal Point


Dr. Houda Babah, GMES&Africa Project National Focal Point and Head of the Cooperation Development with the OSS for the valuation of Earth Observation products for a Sustainable Management of Natural Resources has just been appointed Head of the new University Centre for Mapping and Remote Sensing (UCMRS), recently set up at the University of Nouakchott Al-Aasriya (UNA).

The centre aims to carry out scientific, theoretical & applied studies & research using remote sensing techniques. It will also represent Mauritania in different organizations related to its area of intervention. This centre will also be highly prominent in mobilizing end users of the GMES&Africa services in Mauritania and will support their ownership & sustainability.

Mrs. Houda Babah holds a PhD. from the University of Rennes (France). She is also a professor-researcher at the Physics Department of the Science and Technology School. She had previously held several positions, including member of the Higher Council for Youth in Mauritania and is currently running the coordination between the University of Nouakchott Al Aasriya (UNA) & the Sahara & Sahel Observatory.

The OSS team would like to extend its congratulations to Mrs. Houda Babah for the new responsibilities she has and reiterates its full commitment to solid cooperation, not only within the framework of the GMES&Africa project but for all the environmental priorities of Mauritania, an active member of the Institution.