Online training workshop on the use of the statistical tool CST for yield forecasting, June 14-17, 2021


An online training workshop on the use of the statistical tool CST for yield forecasting was organized on June 14-17, 2021 by the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the OSS.

Capacity building is one of the four pillars of the GMES & Africa program.

The GMES & Africa training strategy addresses the need to develop critical skills and expertise in Earth Observation (EO) applications, strengthen space-based and in situ infrastructural capacities of technical institutions in Africa, develop user-centric EO services and foster communication to ensure effective use of services and products that maximize EO benefits.

CST stands for Crop Growth Monitoring System (CGMS) Statistical Tool.

CGMS is the system developed by the European Commission to simulate crop growth spatially (on a regular grid) over the European Union.

The tele-training aimed to raise awareness/train participants on operational yield forecasting using Earth Observation, meteorological or crop models data and statistical models through theoretical presentations and hands-on exercises.

The training sessions organized by the OSS and the JRC, in collaboration with the GMES & Africa - OSS - North Africa Consortium took place virtually via the ZOOM platform in two languages (French / English) with a translation service provided by the OSS.