The GMES and Africa - North Africa Consortium project begins a series of Workshops with end users


The OSS, in cooperation with the CNCT, has started a tour among the end users of GMES & Africa services in order to collect feedback from the four pilot sites of the project in North Africa : Bizerte, Jendouba, Nabeul & Kairouan (Tunisia).

This tour, intended for the CRDAs (Regional Agricultural Development Commissions - Tunisia), should enable OSS & CNCT to make the final adjustments to the prototypes of the "MISBAR" & "MISLAND" service platforms, developed from data & Earth Observation techniques in the framework of the GMES & Africa - North Africa Consortium project.

The CRDAs are one of the main targets of the "water" & "agriculture" services available on the "MISBAR" platform & the "land degradation" service available on the "MISLAND" platform. Then, as part of their activities, they will have to use these services, in particular for the monitoring of agricultural campaigns & the deployment of territorial planning strategies and land degradation control plans (reforestation campaigns in areas affected among forest fires, awareness raising in relation to gain/loss of vegetation cover, ...).

Two meetings were organized respectively on December 22nd in Bizerte & December 24th in Kairouan. Other meetings are planned at the level of the CRDAs of Jendouba & Nabeul, during the month of January 2021.
OSS would like to warmly thank the Regional Commissioners for the facilities granted & for their commitment to OSS in the sustainable management of water & natural resources.