GMES & Africa - North Africa Consortium: 2021 Action Program for training on the use of decision support services


As part of the GMES and Africa - North Africa Consortium project, the OSS has set up an online training program on the use of the three decision support services: Water, Agriculture and Land Degradation. This online training program should make it possible to get started with the use of the two service platforms, "MISBAR" for agricultural water use and seasonal agriculture monitoring services and "MISLAND" for the Land Degradation monitoring service.Three types of training are scheduled:

  • Training of trainers (regional level) for the benefit of the North Africa Consortium partners organized by CRASTE-LF (2 out of 3 trainings were conducted in October/November 2020).
  • Training on the use of the three GMES services: national level (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia) with the collaboration of national partners, extended to end users and regional level in partnership with AUC, to involve others consortia of the GMES & Africa program.
  • Training on the administration and maintenance of the GMES services (regional level) for the benefit of IT administrators and thematic experts of the North Africa Consortium (due on February/March 2021).

To consult the Training program : please click here