GMES & Africa - Earth observation for a sustainable management of land and water in North Africa: Case of Tunisia, Tunis, October 23, 2019


In the framework of the GMES & Africa Earth Observation project for a Sustainable Management of Land and Water in North Africa, the National Center for Mapping and Remote Sensing (CNCT) organized on October 23 in Tunis, in partnership with the Sahara and Sahel Observatory, a national reconstruction workshop.

The workshop is expected to lead to a more effective integration of user needs in service development. To this end, the participants, representatives of the national partners of the project as well as the CNCT - OSS team, took note of the national study on the user needs analysis and in particular the results of the different surveys relating to the definition of the services carried out by the consultant recruited for this purpose.

The workshop will take end with the preparation of a summary report to highlight the products selected for the service creation.

The "Earth Observation for a Sustainable Land and Water Management in North Africa" project ​​aims to support decision-making in the field of sustainable management of natural resources and water through the provision of products and services based on Earth observation data and techniques. It is implemented by the OSS and its national and regional partners in charge of remote sensing, namely ASAL (Algeria), DRC (Egypt), LCRSSS (Libya), CRTS (Morocco), Al-Aasriya University of Nouakchott (Mauritania) and CNCT (Tunisia) at the national level and CRTEAN and CRASTE-LF at the regional level.