GCF-Tunisia: training on the financing mechanisms and procedures of the Green Climate Fund, Tunis, December 23-25, 2020


The Ministry of Local Affairs & the Environment, in collaboration with the Sahara & Sahel Observatory, is organizing a series of trainings on climate finance in Tunisia for members of the National Designated Authority (NDA) & other relevant stakeholders, such as: the public sector, the private sector, as well as civil society & academia.

The first phase of this training, which will take place from December 23 to 25, 2020, will focus on climate finance mechanisms & in particular the procedures for accessing the Green Climate Fund, including project development, the coordination mechanism of the NDA & the process for evaluating climate investment proposals to be submitted to the GCF. A second phase of training is planned for early 2021.

These trainings, which fall within the framework of the GCF Readiness Support - Tunisia (Phase II) project, should ultimately built the capacity of the NDA in order to fully carry out their mission vis-à-vis the GCF. In addition, national trainers, identified beyond the national focal point to the GCF, have been associated with these trainings to ensure the sustainability of the knowledge sharing process beyond the project. This capacity building action is necessary to support Tunisia's efforts to adapt to climate change & accelerate access to climate finance.