Exchange meeting with end users of GMES decision support services - CRDA Manouba, Tunisia, March 16, 2021


The General Commissioners for Agricultural Development - CRDA are one of the main targets of the “water”, “agriculture” & “land degradation/restoration” services resulting from Earth Observation & available on the MISBAR & MISLAND platforms developed within the framework of the GMES & Africa - North Africa Consortium project.

As part of their activities, they will have to use these services, in particular for monitoring agricultural campaigns & the deployment of territorial planning strategies & plans to fight against land degradation (reforestation campaigns in areas affected by forest fires, awareness raising of the gain / loss of plant cover, etc.).

In this context, an OSS-CNCT-CRDA Manouba exchange meeting took place on March 16, 2021 in the premises of CRDA Manouba with the presence of Mr. Hédi Hamrouni, Regional Commissioner for Agricultural Development & his team of twenty experts & engineers, the CNCT team made up of Mr. Ahmed EZZINE & Mr. Moncef BEN MOUSSA & the OSS team represented by Mr. Louis Evence ZOUNGRANA, Mr. Mustapha MIMOUNI & Mrs. Lilia BENZID.

The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the Earth Observation services developed in support of decision-making for food security & sustainable management of natural resources to the CRDA.

The meeting aimed more particularly to:

  • Introduce the overall progress of the GMES & Africa project at the regional & national levels, made by the OSS and the CNCT;
  • Exchange on services & platforms developed (MISLAND & MISBAR);
  • Exchange on capacity building;
  • Reflect on case studies to be developed based on the MISLAND & MISBAR platforms.

In order to allow the CRDA Manouba to fully contribute to the GMES & Africa - North Africa Consortium project, same as the other four pilot sites in Bizerte, Nabeul, Jendouba & Kairouan, it was agreed to establish the different teams in charge of coordinating exchanges with the OSS & CNCT & developing case studies.

The OSS takes the opportunity to extend its gratefulness to the Manouba Regional Commissioner for the facilities granted & for his commitment to water & natural resources sustainable management.