Technical and Financial supervision mission of the EURECCCA project in Uganda, march 2021


An OSS delegation, led by Mrs. Khaoula Jaoui, Coordinator of the Climate Department and Head of the EURECCCA project implementation, and the experts Messrs Steve Muhanji and Aziz Belhamra, paid Uganda a visit with the purpose of leading the fourth technical and financial supervision mission of the project which aims at "Enhancing Resilience of Communities to climate change through catchment based integrated management of water and related resources in Uganda - EURECCCA".

On the occasion of the first courtesy visit held today, March 1, 2021, the OSS delegation was received by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Water and Environment, Mr. Alfred Okot Okidi, along with the national management team, led by Mr. Callist Tindimugaya, Commissioner for Water Resources Planning and Regulation and EURECCCA project Coordinator at the Ministry.

The restitution of the mission works was held on March 15, 2021, and ended with an interview between the Executive Secretary of the OSS, Mr. Nabil Ben Khatra & the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Water & Environment, Mr. Alfred Okot Okidi, on the possibilities of consolidating the collaboration between the OSS & Uganda, within the framework of the Organization 2030 strategy.

The mission aims to review the progress of activities at the level of the three targeted watersheds (Maziba, Awoja and Aswa) and to assess the level of implementation of concrete adaptation measures for the benefit of the communities and ecosystems. These activities should support the capacity building of stakeholders and the improvement of their livelihoods in a climate change context with a focus on women inclusion.

The OSS implements the EURECCCA project with the Adaptation Fund (AF) funding, over a five-year period (2017 – 2022) which includes a 12-month extension recently provided by the AF in response to the Covid -19 health crisis impacts.