Ecosystem Natural Capital Accounting: National start-up workshop for the Copernicea project in Tunisia, April 12, 2021


The Ministry of Local Affairs & Environment, acting through the General Directorate of Environment & Quality of Life & in collaboration with the Sahara & Sahel Observatory, organized an information day on the Ecosystem Natural Capital Accounting - ENCA - activities, within the framework of the Copernicea project.

Mr. Nabil Ben Khatra, Executive Secretary of the OSS, opened this information day with the presence of Mr. Emmanuel Fourmann & Mr. Hédi Chebili & aimed to promote a better understanding of the Copernicea project concept & good ownership of the strategies & responsibilities related to its implementation in Tunisia. 

The workshop aimed specifically to:

  • Officially launch the project activities at the national level;
  • Present the project, its objectives as well as the 2021 operational planning of the national activities;
  • Present Tunisia’s vision on ENCA use & integration in national planning;
  • Initiate synergies between the relevant operators at the national level, as a starting point to the establishment of the ENCA useful information & data exchange network; 
  • Validate a roadmap for the activities implementation.