OSS, a Regional Actor to Attain UNCCD Goals to Combat Desertification

OSS is providing assistance to its member countries in :

  • Anticipating Issues & Informing Decision-Making Process through Management Tools
  • Identification & Processing of Monitoring & Evaluation indicators to measure the achievement of National Action Program Targets
  • Building Capacities & Knowledge Sharing for the Integration of Sustainable Land & Water Management in National Development Strategies

OSS has a significant expertise in :

  • Achieving Land Degradation Neutrality Targets (LDN)
  • Technical Guidance & Specialized Expertise to Integrate LDN Concept
  • Identification of Indicators & Data on the LDN Baseline & Trends
  • Coordination of Multi-stakeholder consultation process on LDN Challenges
  • Awareness Raising on LDN investment opportunities

A large scope of Projects & Knowledge Products on Desertification

  • Project on Building Resilience through Innovation, Communication and Knowledge (BRICKS)
  • Project on Desert Ecosystems & Livelihoods Knowledge Sharing & Coordination (MENA-DELP)
  • Project on Improving the Sahelian Populations’ Resilience to Environmental Changes (REPSAHEL)