CREM Project: Virtual study visit on managing water resources scarcity, February, 11, 2021


The Sahara and Sahel Observatory, GIZ & the EMWIS Technical Unit started organized the second session of the virtual study visit on managing water resources scarcity "Local solutions in Spain, combination of resources to meet the populations’ demand & integrated management of sanitation & reuse in the region of Murcia”, which started on Thursday, February 11.
Mr. Éric Mino, EMWIS Coordinator & Manager provided the opening address.

The virtual study visit aimed to allow participants from the three partner countries of the CREM project to learn about & discuss the practices & experiences of a neighbouring country well established in water resources scarcity management (speaking of knowledge as well as practice & research). The session shed more light on the drawbacks of a number of practices tested & evaluated in the relevant country.

The other sessions will take place as follows:

  • Session 3: France: Climate change impact on water resources availability: planning & local solutions in agriculture. February 18, 2021,
  • Session 4: SF2 - France: Optimizing water use in agriculture: reuse & other innovative techniques,
  • Session 5: SF3 - France: REUT a possible response to water shortages or an adaptation measure to climate change,
  • Session 6: SF4 - France: Controlling consumption in Province: From hydraulic infrastructures to agricultural equipment & practices.

For the record, the first session on "the national strategy for managing water scarcity in Spain" took place on February 4, 2020, & was followed online by (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), GIZ , the OSS, the Spanish General Directorate for Water & ACUAMED.