GMES project | Training and exchange session, OSS-CNCT-CRDA Bizerte, June 25, 2021


The first set of trainings on the use of Earth Observation for the Sustainable Management of Water and Natural Resources through GMES operational services and the MISBAR (monitoring of seasonal agriculture and the use of agricultural water) and the MISLAND (monitoring of land degradation) platforms provided by the OSS ended today, Friday June 25, at the CRDA of Bizerte.

This session made it possible to put forward lines of study for the next meetings, including the rate of exploitation of irrigated areas, urban expansion and loss of agricultural land, agricultural areas in general and cereal areas in particular.
Discussions took place between the representatives of the OSS and the CNCT and the representatives of CRDA Bizerte. These discussions focused on the need to identify a roadmap and choose topics and case studies in preparation for the national workshop scheduled in Tunis in September 2021.