GMES & Africa project - Exchange and consultation meeting OSS-CNCT-CRDA Ariana Earth Observation for Sustainable Land and Water Management in Africa, June 22, 2021


Mr. Mustapha MIMOUNI, GMES&Africa project Technical Coordinator and Remote Sensing/GIS Manager at the OSS, took part this morning in a consultation meeting on Earth Observation for Sustainable Land and Water Management in Africa - GMES & Africa Project.

During his presentation of the GMES project, Mr. MIMOUNI underlined the project 3 operational services (Water, Land Degradation, Seasonal Agriculture) by explaining the MISBAR and MISLAND platforms (decision support tools developed following the identification of the end users’ needs), their functionalities, web services, as well as the project beneficiaries.

He also highlighted the importance of capacity building, the tools made available, field missions and crop maps developed.

Several exchanges followed the presentations of Mr. MIMOUNI and Mr. Ahmed EZZINE, Deputy Director at the CNCT and GMES&Africa National Coordinator, by asking questions on the nature of crops, seasonality, constraints as well as possible improvements, by specifying the cases of outlawed wells and irrigations in Bizerte, the case of Ariana (problem of lawless constructions, loss of fertile agricultural land) as well as olive trees (challenge of vegetable waters) and the importance of the use of the platforms to overcome these illegal practices.

The possibility of organizing an exercise workshop in July in preparation of the regional workshop due in September was put forward.

Mr. MIMOUNI took advantage of the meeting which was chaired by Mr. Mongi CHNITER, Lead Engineer / CRDA – Ariana and Chief of District, to communicate the greetings of Mr. Nabil BEN KHATRA and express his will to consolidate the exchanges and partnership between the 3 project components.

Mrs. Hassna GHARBI (Senior Engineer - CRDA), Mrs. Hédia HEMISSI (Senior Statistics Engineer - CRDA Ariana), Mr. Aymen LASSOUED (Engineer - CRDA Ariana), Mr. Moncef BEN MOUSSA (Head of Department - CNCT).

Mr. CHNITER closed the works of the meeting by thanking the participants and by giving the go-ahead to new working meetings which will take place soon.