Continental Carbon Sequestration in the Sahel: challenges and achievements of ongoing projects and initiatives, Dakar, Senegal, 7 October 2019


As part of the 2nd Sustainable Intensification Conference 2019 - Conférence Intensification Durable 2019 - CID*, due on October 8-10 in Dakar, the OSS participates in a side event on the agro-ecological transition of production systems in sub-Saharan Africa, organized by the IRD (PSIP Seq2C).

This exchange day, which brings together all stakeholders involved in carbon sequestration (representatives of civil society, decision makers and researchers), aims to promote an effective interdisciplinarity and intersectoriality between Agroecology, Climate and Societies, in support of public policies. It would also allow an exchange on the issues and achievements of ongoing projects and initiatives. The purpose is to formulate sustainable research with the expectations of civil society (NGOs, decision makers, donors) and the political community on the multiple challenges of the Seq2C. to lead to a prioritization of actions in response to socio-environmental and political emergencies, and to the commitments of countries and regions vis-à-vis the three major international conventions on the environment. Under the chairmanship of Messrs. Ismail Binahla (Regional Coordination Unit - RCU for Africa, UNCCD, Morocco) and Saliou Ngom (Agroecological Transition Support Program in West Africa - PATAE, Ministry of Agriculture), the OSS, represented by Ms. Dalila Hicheri, will have to introduce the round table on current perspectives and present the Observatory and its mission.

The purpose of this session will be to take a look at projects underway, including SIWA - Land Use and Soil Management Innovation for Sustainable Intensification in the West African Farming System, a multi-actor approach (H2020 SFS-35-2019- 2020) by the IRD (D.Masse (IRD, CI)), FAIR-Sahel - Fostering an Agroecological Intensification for improving farmers' Resilience in Sahel (EU-DEVCO, DeSIRA program) by CIRAD - Fr (E. Scopel) ; Avaclim - Agroecology, ensuring food security and sustainable livelihoods while mitigating climate change and restoring land in dryland regions by the GEF, FFEM), by A. Derkimba (CARI, Fr) and Smart-Clean-Garden - Green and blue infrastructures for the decentralized ecological sanitation in urban areas (Convergences), by the IRD - Sn (D. Orange) and UGB - Sn (A. Coly).

The results of the workshop will be brought into the discussions of the CID, and in future COP Desertification, Biodiversity and Climate.