Call for Projects

First Call for Climate Finance Projects proposals - GCF | from 7 September to 31 December 2018 (CLOSED)

OSS launches a first call for projects proposals for access to GCF resources by vulnerable countries to enable the transition to climate resilient and low-carbon emission development.

See details of targeted themes, beneficiary eligibility and criteria here.

Submit a proposal 

Bidders are invited to submit the concept notes of the project by filling in the form of GCF (in English), available at the following link (Project Form).

It is recommended to submit jointly to the concept notes a letter of non-objection signed by the focal point or by the Designated National Authority - AND (Non-Objection Letter Template). 

It is also recommended to respect the conditions for the projects to be financed, the eligible beneficiaries and the eligibility criteria. 

Important Note: The official working language of the GCF is English, therefore, in order to expedite the evaluation and processing of queries it is highly recommended to submit the concept note in English.

Follow this link to submit proposals.

As per the Counselling and Advice Procedure of OSS, applicants can submit  support requests through this e-mail address: