GMES Regional Workshop North Africa | Strengthening Data access and sharing pratctices, Septembre 20 - 22, 2021

The OSS & NARSS are convening a regional workshop for North-Africa on September 20th-22nd, 2021 in Tunis, Tunisia that will bring together the North-African partners of both consortia from the 'Natural and Water Resources' and 'Marine and Coastal' thematic area as well as other relevant end-users and stakeholders involved in the GMES&Africa project.

The topic of the workshop will be “Strengthening Data Access and Sharing Practices” and will focus on valuing the 'GMES&Africa’ project achievements where Earth Observation data collected from different space sensors has been translated by the GMES services in North-Africa into actionable information in support to sustainable management for water and natural resources management.

All sessions will be live streamed on the OSS Youtube Channel and Facebook official account.