AdaptWAP project baseline-situation study validation workshop, January 21, 2021


The AdaptWAP project managers and partners met virtually on January 21 to discuss the WAP complex area baseline-situation report.

This analysis makes it possible to describe the complex area situation regarding climate change impact on the natural resources & the populations’ livelihoods, as well as the efforts the countries undertook to contend with this phenomenon. The analysis is highly important to assess the project-related adaptation measures implementation progress & effects.

Mrs. Khaoula JAOUI, Climate Department Coordinator & the OSS experts moderated the videoconference. Members of the UGPr & the three UGPn (Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger) and the Design Office experts in charge of developing the project's baseline situation took part in the videoconference.

During this session, the Design Office experts presented the main updated results of the project's baseline-situation study, in particular, the WAP complex infrastructures map. These infrastructures include administrative buildings, housing & roads with the identification of critical points & recommendations. At the same time, they introduced the project monitoring & evaluation handbook, as well as the different project performance monitoring indicators & the proposed reference values.